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Greetings, everyone! My name is Eric Nicholls, although in the digital world, you may recognize me by my handle: @LatinCanuck. I hail from Panama, Spanish being my first language, but now reside in the vibrant province of Quebec, Canada, widely acknowledged as the most 'Latin' part of the country. It's truly a beautiful place, and I am immensely grateful for the life that Canada has given me. It's no wonder that I proudly identify as a Latin Canuck!

I ventured into the tech realm as a teenager, beginning with basic HTML development on a trusty, old computer powered by an AMD Athlon CPU and running Windows XP. To breathe life into my fledgling websites, I took it upon myself to master graphic editing using Macromedia Fireworks, and even animation via Macromedia Flash. My computer, needing upgrades to handle these more demanding applications, offered me a hands-on education in computer hardware. In no time, I found myself not only repairing my own computer but also offering assistance to others. After high school, I honed my skills further, earning a Web Development & Animation Diploma from the Universidad Interamericana de Panama. This laid the groundwork for my early career as a freelancer, crafting websites and animations.

In 2006, I transitioned to a full-time role at Dell, where I first served as a Technical Support Representative. I gradually progressed to the roles of Inside Sales Representative and ultimately Sales Coach. It was during my tenure at Dell that I first encountered Free Open Source Software (FOSS) through their innovative Project Sputnik. This initiative saw Dell offering laptops and desktops preloaded with Ubuntu (Linux) software.

Subsequent career milestones included stints at HPE Panama, and Hypertec here in Montreal.

However, my exposure to Linux and FOSS during my time at Dell had a profound impact. I realized how integral these elements are to the IT industry. Thus, advocating for FOSS in both consumer and business sectors became my mission. I firmly believe in the concept of these tools being free for all, fostering creativity and inclusivity, allowing everyone to contribute, and thereby promoting collective growth.

This conviction drove me to launch CYBERHUB. I envision Canada as a hub for innovation and the advancement of Free Open Source Software.

By promoting and adopting FOSS, we can ensure that its benefits reach more people rather than simply enriching large corporations that grow wealthier by the hour.

Now, here are some fun facts to help you know me better:

  • My top three Linux distros are: Fedora, Fedora, and, you guessed it, Fedora.
  • My preferred Desktop Environment is: GNOME
  • Favourite music genre: Classic Rock
  • Favourite movie franchise: Star Wars
  • Religion: While I'm secular through and through, I have a fascination for Paganism.

For further interactions, feel free to use the contact form available on this website. Alternatively, we could chat through the Matrix Network at I look forward to hearing from you!